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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Blog...

It has been 8 days since my last post. I can not think of any good excuse, really.

Well, perhaps I could blame the many days of our Labor Day celebrations? All of which included a ping-pong table, swimming, sleeping bags piled in my living room for 3 straight nights and a couscous salad that I had dreams about.

Maybe I could have been a little less crafty and left the girls' composition books uncovered and boring. But, I opted for this instead:

Maybe I could have spent a bit less time lounging on the deck with my bed pillows and a blanket reading Zeitoun while the little ones played?


I am way behind on my laundry and let's not mention the dust bunnies giggling in the corners of... well, just about everywhere! I hope the 20 or so people I will be entertaining at my house Saturday night for our Block Party won't mind tripping over a toy or two.

n the very rare opportunity I was able to sit at the computer alone, I worked on editing a video slide show of photos taken from our Summer of 2009.

During the twins' nap today, I was finally able to finish it. I hope you enjoy it!

I only watched it about 1001 times...and I think I may have cried every time.
Silly mama. :)

Sweet Summer from Olivia Lang on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful, brought a tear to my eye too.

    What a clever Mama you are.


  2. we missed you, but we understand!
    creative mamma!

  3. It is always worth it to spend five trillion hours doing meaningless creative tasks:)

    --and I am totally referring to the day I glued natural paper labels to all of my disposable food containers (i.e. I labeled the bag of flour...."Flour"):P----

    What is motherhood without a bit of OCD?


I appreciate you stopping by! Thank you for commenting! xo ~Olivia