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Friday, July 10, 2009

Homemade Play Dough Recipe

homemade play dough
As part of our list of 100 Fun, Frugal Things to Do This Summer, we made a batch of homemade play dough!

The girls took their handfuls of brightly colored dough to the deck where they cut, twisted and molded their clay into whatever their imaginations desired!

Making only the one batch, I divided it into three large handfuls which I colored red, blue and yellow. This allowed me to sneak in a lesson of mixing primary colors! Wonderful!

Here is a fantastic recipe for Homemade Play Dough that was kindly passed along by my Mom. With 7 children of her own, she has gone through her fair share of "play dough" recipes. I would agree this one is definitely the best!

Easy to make and mold, can be stored in the refrigerator in a ziploc bag or container and is edible (however not very tasty as Isabella unfortunately found out)!

Click on the recipe below to enlarge for printing purposes! ENJOY!


  1. We love making kool aid playdough. We don't drink kool aid, but it's fun to play with, lol.

    1 c flour (I had to add about 1/2 c more, it was too smooshy)
    1/2 c salt
    1 pkg kool-aid (the cheap kind with no sweetener)
    1.5 Tbsp veggie oil

    Mix all that together.

    Then add...
    1 c boiling water

    Stir, then knead until it's smooth and cools down a bit. It won't be sticky, but you'll see what I mean about it being too smooshy. I just kept kneading in more flour till it felt right. Keep it in a ziploc in the fridge and it will stay fresh for months.

  2. Thanks for the recipe for Kool aid playdough. Jen! We will definitely be making that in the future!

  3. Thanks for the recipe! I'll be making it for my daugther's 3rd birthday party in October. I was thinking of doing fall colors but I love your idea of mixing primary colors.


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