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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Full of Wonder

Our trip to the Art Star Craft Bazaar on Saturday was wonderful! It was a gorgeous day and there were so many talented artists and crafters! I loved seeing all the Etsy shop lovelies that I browse every day directly in front of my eyes!

My favorite, though there were oh so many, was the Wonder Threads stand. Impressive! Check out her shop, *here* ! I loved each tiny onesie and t-shirt! They were whimsical and beautifully sewn with patterns on both the front and back! *sigh*

Unfortunately, my budget did not allow 5 of these luxuries to travel home with me. My heart was begging me to buy, however. They were truly wonderous!

I also remembered to bring a couple of my "kindness" cards along to drop. I hope it brought a smile to anyone who passed them by!

I hope in the very near future to have another free set of printable quote cards available for download! Stay tuned!

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