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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are home from our mini-getaway to the mountains! It's a wonder how slow-paced the days seem to be when there is no rushing about, no phones ringing, and no blogs to attend to or emails to read.

After a delicious family gathering at my parents' home for a backyard barbeque, we were welcomed with this wonderful surprise! My herbs are just starting to sprout! Here is the pot of basil the girls helped me plant a few weeks ago!

We have Oregano, Italian Parsley and Chives growing also! Mmm.. can't wait to use some fresh herbs in our summertime dishes!

I also got the pleasure of being mentioned in a blog I frequent often, Nature's Child. Over the weekend, Cate Nelson wrote a great piece titled Use Your Kind Words. Check it out and subscribe! They post a ton of great articles!

In other happenings, SewMamaSew is hosting a May Giveaway that starts tomorrow! There will be some handmade goodies up for grabs so make sure to check back on SewMamaSew's blog tomorrow f
or the list of participants!

Due to my weekend away, I may have missed the deadline for becoming an entrant but I am hoping to slip onto the bottom of that list to be part of this great creative giveaway! Keep your fingers crossed!

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