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Friday, March 13, 2009

Benefits of Sunlight

As we all know there are many known benefits to soaking in the sun. Sun brightens your mood, improves your sleep and allows your body to produce Vitamin D!

In the winter days, although some are certainly sunny, outdoor play is not always on the agenda. In my home, we open the blinds and let the light spill into the room. The girls always manage to find those little pockets of light to play in.

Here is Gracie deep in thought over her yellow toy. The side she is peering intently into is a mirror. Maybe she wonders how her twin got into that cube! ;)

And here is Isabella, my future coffee drinker. More pictures of her and her cup here.

My sister sent me these sunlight inspired pictures for our book club project. They are of the area where she teaches and continues to learn pottery. How nice to create with such a fantastic background to view!

Also, from mom, a couple more. This one is of my brother's desk in his room. I am loving the new shutters in the window....and yogurt raisins are pretty cool also. :)

My sister-in-law, Mary, sent me this sunshine photo of the newest addition to the family, baby Kate. There are just babies everywhere when we get together now!

This last one is of the playhouse in their backyard. It needs a little spring cleaning but reminds us all that the time is coming for warm breezes, renewed energy, and all those tiny people ready to imagine whole worlds under a rooftop of stars, moons and suns.


  1. your girls are beautiful, there's a very clever little spark in Isabella's eye...

    i love the playhouse, it's pure magic. lucky kids who get to play and daydream in there.


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