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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Another Happy Birthday!

Madelyn turned 8 yesterday! How did my tiny, blue-eyed first-born babe grow up so fast!! Here she is at her 1st birthday party!

We had a Luau theme for her this year! There were leis, a grass table skirt, hibiscus filled plates and cups, a paper parrot hanging from the ceiling, a garland or paper lanterns and tiny palm tree party favors filled with green m&ms. The only thing missing was the warm weather and some Hawaiian music!

How ironic that it snowed steadily all night and we lit a fire in the fireplace to warm up the house! Hehe. :)

She had a fantastic day and was so appreciative of all her gifts. With her birthday being so close to Christmas, it’s hard to think of presents for her. There were many thoughtful and thought out gifts. Mom and Dad always love the “consumable” ones!

So after all the planning and purchasing, the cleaning and preparing, the checking and rechecking of everything to make it the perfect day for her.. we had another birthday success! At bedtime, before kissing me good night, she thanked me again for everything and said she had the “best day ever!”

And at the end of a very long, very hectic day... that makes it all worthwhile.

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