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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ah, Sophia

Sophia, my littlest pixie with the crazy hair, was in the rarest of forms today. Perhaps it was the rain that inspired the endless tears that fell from her eyes.

She cried from the moment she woke up until..well.. just about 10 minutes ago when she finally (FINALLY!) fell asleep.

She always has her funny moments, however. She came to show me her boo-boo that was O.K. now because Spongebob had once again came to her rescue in the form of a bandaid. I told her that Mommy could use about a thousand of those bandaids for all the agony I had gone through today!

I just had to chuckle when she went flying to the bathroom, with that bright yellow bandaid on her forehead, to grab me the box.

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